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Skin is the biggest organ of a person. It participates in respiration, metabolic processes and regulates thermoregulation. Accutane-IsotretinoinIn addition, thanks to the skin, we can feel pain, and also feel the temperature and pressure. But the main function of the skin is barrier: it is our protection from foreign objects, so it is very important that it remains intact and healthy. One of the most common skin diseases is acne. It is an inflammatory process that results in the appearance of various elements of the rash on the skin. They can be located on the face, chest or back – where the largest sebaceous glands are concentrated.

The causes of the disease are not completely clear, but seborrhea plays an important role in the onset of acne (increased seborrhoea). Because of this, local immunity suffers, which in turn leads to a pathological growth of the coccal flora (purulent eruptions).

Treatment of severe acne forms

With severe acne, purulent rash merges, forming painful knots. In this case, the inflammatory process affects large areas of the skin. This acute course of the disease is complicated by a high risk of scarring and is not easily treated with local drugs.

In severe acne, we can take the drug Isotretinoin (Accutane) on the basis of a synthetic derivative of vitamin A – isotretinoin. It suppresses the production of sebum and normalizes the regenerative function of the skin.

Contraindications when taking Accutane

High activity Accutane has a serious side reaction, namely teratogenic effect (causes very severe malformations of the fetus), therefore the drug is strictly prohibited to pregnant women. In addition, the drug is not recommended for the following diseases:

  •  alcoholism;
  •  liver failure;
  •  kidney failure;
  •  hepatitis and cirrhosis;
  •  pancreatitis;
  •  diabetes;
  •  depression and mental disorders;

Accutane (Isotretinoin) can be prescribed only by a doctor, weighing all the risks and health of the patient. You can buy Accutane in a pharmacy or order online from an online store.

Overdose with Accutane

The active substance of the drug is a fat soluble compound. This means that it has the property of incandescence in the fatty tissue of a person and is released even after the time after the drug was discontinued. Therefore, you must strictly follow the prescribed dosage. If an overdose has occurred, you should always consult a doctor.

Where can I buy Accutane online?

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Alternative names for other countries:

Accuran; Accutin; Acnecutan; Acnemin; Acnetane; Acnetrex; Acnil; Acnogen; Acnotin; Aisoskin; Aknenormin; Aknesil; Amnesteem; Antibiotrex; Atlacne; Ciscutan; Claravis; Clarus; Curacne; Curakne; Curatane; Cuticilin; Decutan; Dercutane; Farmacne; Flexresan; Flitrion; Inotrin; Isdiben; Isoacne; Isocural; Isoderm; Isodermal; Isoface; Isogalen; Isogeril; Isoprotil; Isoriac; Isoskin; Isosuppra; Isosupra lidose; Isotane; Isotret; Isotret-hexal; Isotretin; Isotretinoina; Isotretinoinum; Isotrex; Isotrexin; Isotroin; Izotek; Lurantal; Lyotret; Neotrex; Nimegen; Noitron; Noroseptan; Novacne; Opridan; Oratane; Piplex; Policano; Procuta; Retinide; Retnol; Roaccutan; Roaccutane; Roacnetan; Roacutan; Sotret; Stiefotrex; Trecifan; Tretinac; Tretinak; Tretinex; Zonatian; Zoretanin

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4 thoughts on “Before buying Isotretinoin – check with your doctor

  1. I can say that I am very pleased, the skin really has become somewhat different, and I feel much more free without constant dependence on the foundation and corrector. But take Accutane without a detailed study of instructions, a detailed conversation with a doctor and an honest story about your health is not very advisable.

  2. I suffered from acne from the age of 13. Thought the age, will pass. I did not cure anything, just squeezed out, I burned it for the night. Over time, more pimples. Out of the small pustules, they turned into sore boils, in place of which there were scars and crimson spots.
    To say that I suffered is to say nothing! I was embarrassed myself and my face. Parents take me to a doctor, where I was assigned a lot of expensive drugs and ointments. Alas, from such treatment, pimples appeared even more. The doctor assured – it’s temporary, this is the stage of natural skin cleansing. This situation continued until the time when one girl with a similar problem, I met her on facebook, did not advise these magic pills !!! I know that there are many different reviews about the drug, but in my case it was a rescue.

    The effect of Accutane was just a miracle for me! I already thought that nothing will save me from pimples. After 2 months, I just did not recognize my skin, it just glowed with health! Almost half a year has passed – but on the face there is not a hint of acne!

  3. I had to stop taking Accutane because of side effects. At me from a vitamin “And” the liver was increased and hurted, there was a dermatitis on a skin, depressive symptomatology was observed.

  4. Do not use Accutane for mild forms of the disease, because by drying and squeezing the sebaceous glands, it drains the entire surface of the body. Almost every receiving patient has his lips cracked, the skin begins to peel and itch, eyes are watery, sometimes there are nosebleeds and hair loss. Adverse events disappear at the end of the treatment, and most patients agree to this discomfort, since the end result exceeds all their expectations. For a relatively light form of acne, it is better to use Retin-cream / gel.

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