How to get rid of acne?

Acne, hormones, causes.

Get rid of acne …… This is a common problem that interests women (men).

Most often, when diagnosing the causes of acne, it is about male hormones (androgens). The fact is that under their influence there is an increased production of sebum from one side, and increased keratinization of the sebaceous gland duct on the other. This leads to a blockage of the gland and the formation of a black dot.

Then the case for small – contamination of the clogged gland with bacteria, the emergence of an inflammatory reaction, and here is the result: the girl looks at herself in the mirror, and a new pimple appeared on her skin, which she certainly wants to remove. So the infection spreads to neighboring comedones, and acne develops. Since the root cause of acne is an increased level of male hormones, the most important thing that a girl can do is to consult a doctor in time for examination and treatment. Two specialists in tandem will be able to help her – a gynecologist and a dermatologist. And of course, before she gets to the doctor, you should remember that you need to get rid of the addiction to squeeze out the eels yourself, the more you can not do this with dirty hands.

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In the female body, male hormones are produced by the ovaries and adrenals, respectively, hyperandrogenism can be ovarian, adrenal and mixed. In addition, not always the amount of male hormones is significantly increased, sometimes their production can be normal, but they can predominate due to the fact that the production of female hormones is reduced – in this case we are dealing with relative hyperandrogenism. There is another clinical situation where there is no increased production of male hormones, but the amount of 5-alpha-reductase enzyme in the skin is increased, which turns testosterone into its more active fraction, dihydrotestosterone, which triggers the mechanism of acne in the sebaceous gland itself. This variant of the problem is called hyperandrogenia of the peripheral type.

If a woman has oily skin prone to rashes, increased hair growth on the face and body, increased hairiness of hair, problems with hair loss on the head, then with these complaints it is necessary to turn to the gynecologist to find out with which specific type of hyperandrogenism (absolute – ovarian, adrenal or mixed, relative or peripheral) we are dealing.

To cope with the causes of acne, the treatment uses hormonal birth control pills. The composition of combined oral contraceptives includes 2 hormones: estrogen and progestin. In any case, estrogen improves the skin condition, but the progestin can have such effects: worsen the situation. Of course, in the context of acne treatment, it is worth paying attention to drugs that contain antiandrogenic progestins. To date, there are only four – cyproterone acetate, dienogest, drospirenone and chloromadinone acetate.

How does the anti-androgenic progestin affect the causes of acne?

The production of androgens by ovaries decreases, the production of transport proteins increases, which bind androgens, making them inactive, directly blocking the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase in the skin by blocking the receptors for androgens. Thus, the administration of COCs with antiandrogens affects all levels and mechanisms of acne, if hyperandrogenism is purely ovarian. There may be certain difficulties in treatment if adrenal androgens are also increased – in this case, in addition to COC, other medications may be needed to treat acne disease successfully.

It is often asked why drugs for the treatment of hyperandrogenism in women are contraceptives. Many women object to their appointment, saying that they have rare sex, and there is no need for daily tablets. I want to explain this point. Admission of antiandrogens is very harmful to the male fetus and therefore during treatment a woman must be very reliably protected from pregnancy. That is why drugs must have a contraceptive effect. On what else I would like to draw the attention of girls with problem skin, increased hair growth on the body, and, conversely, hair loss on the head, so this is often because these cosmetic problems with which it begins to struggle in adolescence by various cosmetic methods , are only the tip of the iceberg and can talk about serious problems in her body, which can lead to further complications with the onset of pregnancy. Therefore I want to repeat again – there is a problem – go to the doctor to look for her reasons, and not just squeeze pimples, use masks, remove hair with various types of hair removal so you are struggling not with the problem, but only with its manifestations.

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