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Lisinopril tablets 10mgLisinopril HCTZ: this drug is called in medicine – such as ACE inhibitors, long-acting. Designed for intensive treatment of hypertension. The main feature “Lisinopril” refers to his ability, not metabolizirovatsya in fat, so you can use it in overweight people with excess fat mass. Lisinopril hctz – significantly reduces the formation of angiotensin II which is obtained from angiotensin I, pravotsiruya sharp decrease aldosterone. Active substance reduces the degradation of bradykinin and at the same time increases the synthesis prostogladinov. Lowers blood pressure in the pulmonary capillaries and is typical of lisinopril hctz, is the ability of the arteries to expand much more than the capillary veins. Can you buy Lisinopril over the counter. These effects are explained by the influence of the drug on the tissue RAAS.

Accurate readings and the dose of the drug, learn from your doctor!

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Lisinopril and hctz

hctz and heartLong-term use drug reduces myocardial hypertrophy and thickening of the walls of the arteries of the resistive type. Significantly improves blood flow to ischemic myocardium.

Drugs such as Lisinopril and hctz (ACE inhibitors) extend the life expectancy of patients with chronic heart failure, slow the progression of left ventricular dysfunction in patients after myocardial infarction.

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Like other medicines, Lisinopril hctz sold in packs with different kollichestvom pills and different weight of each tablet. In some diseases, such as: essential hypertension, the initial dose of the drug lisinopril, should be 10 mg daily maintenance dose – 20 mg. day. Daily dose of lisinopril HCTZ can be a maximum of 40 mg. Where to buy Lisinopril online without a prescription?
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General Information:

– The most common side effects are: headache, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, cough, nausea.

– Allergic reactions: itching, swelling of the face, extremities, lips, tongue, epiglottis and larynx, rashes, and other (see instructions).

– Overdose: dry mouth, drowsiness, urinary problems, constipation, anxiety, irritability.

– With care given lisinopril patients with bilateral renal artery stenosis. The substance may cause deterioration of kidney function.

– Before surgery must notify the anesthesiologist and the surgeon about the use of an ACE inhibitor!


Gross formula C21H31N3O5

CAS 83915-83-7

Pub Chem 5362119

Drug Bank APRD00560


The drug is sold in tablets, with different kollichestvom mg.

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  1. Specialists report that a full therapeutic effect can be noticed after 14-28 days after the beginning of the admission. The doctors’ comments are also mostly positive.
    There are not many negative opinions! Negative reviews about Lysinopril tell, mainly, about the appearance of side effects. Most often reported increased fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headache, dry cough, diarrhea.

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